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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Shishigami, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Dear Pokébeach.

    I am on a mission. One that I think is truly too large in scope to not share to the many. I don't know how long it will take or the complete idea of how to achieve this, but I just cannot simply lie around rotting and not try to make a positive difference f0r the world. I want the Kadabra line (specifically emphasis on Kadabra) to return how things were before that fateful day, when Nintendo, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company/Pokémon Center took notice to the genuine claim of a serious matter to be undone to the people this situation had mattered towards. My intention is for a complete peace guided towards all parties involved in the setback having to segregate something that designers, artists, producers and fans have spent precious work and time being associated with, including the person that started the inspiration of the controversy and his agenda in his defence. If this is your first time coming into contact with me, you may have seen my previous posts exhibiting my depression, wailing my grief about how much I want to see Kadabra, inevitably bringing with it my all time favourite evolution line too see itself in glory again as the No.1 in sets as it used to be.

    I could be the only person who cares about this line as much as I do. As devoted fans we have all seen here and on every other Pokécommunity know about the Kadabra crisis being shunned off over and over, as being an impossibility to have back. including many people (myself until recently) who are not aware of the subtlety in the companies' changes negatively shunning Kadabra out of spotlights, far after the success in the lawsuit. The most popular example is the forceful paradoxical evolution of the Everstone holding Kadabra's during trade, unable as a player to object the evolution. This must be the only case of an Evolution lock. The second fact is that not since the fourth generation has there been any specific wild Kadabra despite the affluence of Abra's appearing in almost every main series title. Thirdly it has come to my attention that Kadabra has no profile or screenshots on his OWN main title feature episodes on as opposed to the other main characters involved, either this is because he has no card to also show despite them all being WOTC era and not Nintendo/tPCI. These are examples that show a bigger thing potentially happening when compared to only the TCG's confusing exile that sadly seems to be escalating our poor original anthropomorphic magical fox.

    On a more positive note, I believe that on more recent posts that the catalyst behind all of this, Uri Geller, has had a bigger understanding about Pokémons amazing community power as seen on on here, here, and here. I am currently writing a heartfelt, passionate letter for him that I aim to make things more helpful. There has been enough anger and even hatred throughout many of this matter especially from earlier posts from yours truly back when I was more uninformed of certain situations. I do not agree that this gesture will be the appropriate way to make a difference for the best. Since I am only purely motivated by my love for Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam in the same manner as they have been friends with me throughout journeys as the generations continue to go by. I will post my message when finished on here for your interest as I kindly wish to share my progress for the world.

    After seeing how my first message will be I know I will also need to plan on writing to Nintendo, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company/Pokémon Center so please be sure to check back and see my main initial formal message when I finish proofreading it as soon as possible.

    All my love; kindest regards.
    P.S. For further proof of my passion, heres my orginal relic that made my obsession began. Look who is in the middle. Remember Sabrinas conclusive statement? “Your love for your Pokémon overwhelmed my psychic power... The power of love, I think, is also a kind of psychic power...

    This is what my mindset is. All eyez on Kadabra.

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    I totally agree!
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    Uri Geller is a known fraud and probably just freaked out over Kadabra for more publicity/attention
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    Uri Geller took issue with Kadabra, and took offense with the fact that he assumed Pokemon turned him into an evil, occult creature.

    He also took issue claiming Kadabra's design was anti-Semetic. Oh, and let's not forget Kadabra's Japanese name (Yungerer) is basically verbatim Uri's in Japanese.

    I want to agree with Otto and say this was all a publicity stunt, and if he is truly coming around to the idea after all these years; then I think it essentially means this whole kerfuffle was a publicity stunt.
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    Uri Geller is nothing but an attention-seeking fraud. I plan on doing everything in my power to get Kadabra reinstated in ALL Pokémon Merchandise, including the TCG.
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    I hate all bans on Pokemon. I hate Kabutops but if it was banned from the TCG or the anime I would be there asking for it to return. Porygon, Kadabra, and any other banned Pokemon should have a better fate.
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